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ChromaGro is

3 Products in 1

Sturdy trellis support system
Trains plants to grow up and out
to save garden space
Mini greenhouse
Creates a humid microclimate
for longer daily and seasonal
growing periods
Protective Barrier
Wards off animals, pests and shields
from environmental stress

Real Customer Reviews

We had excellent results with ChromaGro. The plants grew at a phenomenal rate and had plenty of tomatoes!

-Johan S

I was never able to grow such beautiful looking tomatoes before.

-David V

My tomatoes are still growing strong- I tell all my neighbors when they ask me.

-Joni A

ChromaGro outperformed every method I tried this year in our garden in every aspect, including pests, maintenance and most importantly production.

-Erik H

I was impressed with how much it produced and how tall the plants grew.

-Ray S

Red is the New Green

ChromaGro’s superpower lies in its unique, internationally patent‑pending design that turns sunlight into scattered red-enriched light, delivering more of the RIGHT color light to supercharge your plants’ growth.


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