About ChromaGro

Created by Scientists

Developed by an interdisciplinary team of biologists, optical physicists and professional growers specifically for use in the agriculture industry, ChromaGro is the result of years of research and testing. Based on the basic scientific principles of plant biology, ChromaGro has been proven to accelerate growth and enhance productivity on every plant type tested.

Developed with Major Growers

Through over four years of trials with leading growers in California’s Central Valley, Salinas Valley and Sonoma Regions, we’ve tailored scientific insights to the realities of the field. Now it’s time to bring professional agricultural technology into your home garden. ChromaGro is made by professionals, for everyone.


Light Filtration

ChromaGro’s red growth chamber filters
sunlight to give plants more of the most productive
part of the solar spectrum and less of
the inhibiting spectrum.

Light Diffusion

ChromaGro’s shape and texture
is designed specifically to collect, refract
and scatter light, engaging the whole
plant in enhanced photosynthesis.

Mini Greenhouse

ChromaGro protects from wind and cold
while retaining humidity inside the growth
chamber for longer daily and seasonal
growing periods.


ChromaGro is an effective
barrier against animals, pests and weather.

Trellis Support System

ChromaGro trains plants for maximum
height to save garden space, providing a
trellising structure for climbers.

Disease Resistance

ChromaGro enhances overall plant health
for a garden that thrives AND
lives longer.

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  • Built from durable and
    recyclable materials