How It Works

The Problem

Plants are green because they absorb the good parts of the spectrum and reflect what they don’t need. Green light is a signal for plants to stop growth— its nature’s way of separating plants to avoid overcrowding. But home gardeners need to maximize space and still produce abundance results.

Our Solution

By filtering sunlight to the red end of the spectrum, ChromaGro gives plants more of the RIGHT color light while removing waves that inhibit growth. The result is healthier plants that grow faster and produce more in less space.


Optimize Your
with Science

Scientists have studied the spectral composition of light in which plants thrive. The results are clear: redder is better. Because plants use red-enriched light to carry out photosynthesis, more red-enriched light means more fuel. With more fuel, plants naturally prosper, reaching peak levels of growth and yield.

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ChromaGro Does it All

ChromaGro’s unique shape collects sunlight and directs it exactly where it’s needed while creating a humid microclimate, protecting from pests and providing a trellis support structure. All of this without any additional hard work, harsh chemicals or fertilizers.


Experiment in Your Backyard

By growing different plants and in different conditions, you’re helping to move the science of home agriculture forward. From professional biologists to first time gardeners, join the ChormaGro community–
a group of gardeners growing smarter, faster, bigger and better.


Why ChromaGro?


1. Light Filtration

High Powered Photosynthesis

The red growth chamber filters sunlight to provide more of the most productive part of the spectrum, supercharging the photosynthesis process for bigger, healthier plants.

Plants need light to survive, but not all light is created equal. Certain parts of the spectrum trigger specific reactions in plants. Because green light cannot be absorbed, plants reflect it back out– making up the color palette that we see all around us in nature. Infrared light communicates that a plant must grow away from the shade, resulting in long and skinny development without high productivity. The red end of the light spectrum, however, is precious for plants.

Plants use red-enriched light to power photosynthesis, turning carbon from the air into sugars. More red light means plants fix carbon into sugars more effectively, giving them more fuel for development. When plants have more fuel, they naturally accelerate growth and
generate more yield.


2. Light Diffusion

Irrigate with Photons

Plants that are not just taller— they grow more vigorous, healthy and produce more yield.

It’s not just the type of light that matters for your plants, it’s also the direction. In tight garden plots, larger plants shade out smaller ones, killing delicate starts. Even plants without neighbors self-shade as sun exposure shifts throughout the day, limiting development.

ChromaGro’s shape and texture is designed specifically to refract and scatter light, reducing shade and ensuring every part of the plant is exposed to the best part of the spectrum. Simple grow tubes don’t account for shade, forcing growth upwards without enhancing productivity. ChromaGro’s design avoids both hotspots and shadow, engaging the entire plant in photosynthesis.


3. Microclimate

Personal Greenhouse

More time for photosynthesis means more fuel, naturally encouraging peak productivity and hearty, healthy plants.

Plants carry out photosynthesis through microscopic holes in their leaves known as stomata. Through these pores they take in air, converting carbon dioxide into sugars and releasing oxygen and water. During midday when the sun is strongest and the air driest, plants usually close their stomata to conserve water. During this period, plants do not engage in photosynthesis and do not grow.

ChromaGro shelters plants from wind and dryness, retaining humidity inside the growth chamber. This protects delicate plants from rough weather while also holding in moisture at all hours. In this microclimate, the stomata can stay open during midday, lengthening the daily growing period.


4. Protect and Repel

Safeguard Your Starts

Vines grown in ChromaGro chambers were 60% less likely to be infested by thrips than those planted without the product.

Protecting your garden from unwanted intruders is critical to a successful harvest. ChromaGro provides protection from both animals and pests. The growth chamber physically defends the exposed parts of the plant from deer, rabbits and other common garden creatures, and the coverage diverts flying insects from landing and
munching on leaves.

95% of insects do not have the photoreceptors for the color red– meaning the ChromaGro is essentially an invisible shield that wards off pesky bugs. Because insects are also discouraged by reflective surfaces, the material of the growth chamber repels pests.


5. Trellis and Train

Smarter Structure

While it supercharges growth, ChromaGro trains plants for maximum height to save
garden space.

With ChromaGro, you don’t have to worry about staking, trellising and pruning. The structure acts as a support for the growing plant, trellising climbing vines and encouraging self-training within the growth chamber. This optimizes space by training plants up and out, making ChromaGro perfect for urban or small plot gardeners who still want to
maximize production.

With ChromaGro, reduce the amount of garden accessories you have to invest in. It’s not necessary to buy trellising structures and growth enhancement products separately.


6. Disease Resistance

Full Spectrum Health

Unlike fertilizers and pesticides that must be reapplied, ChromaGro encourages holistic health so plants flourish throughout
their lifespan.

With ChromaGro, don’t just grow bigger– grow stronger. With more durable root systems, more robust foliage and branches, and solid support and protection, these sturdy plants are more resistant to biotic stress. Bacteria, disease and climate shock are out of your control, but healthy plants are more likely to survive these conditions. Healthy plants perform better.

ChromaGro creates ideal conditions for plants to thrive, optimizing natural processes to defend against disease.