How It Works

The Problem

Plants are green because they absorb the good parts of the spectrum and reflect what they don’t need. Green light is a signal for plants to stop growth— its nature’s way of separating plants to avoid overcrowding. But home gardeners need to maximize space and still produce abundance results.

Our Solution

By filtering sunlight to the red end of the spectrum, ChromaGro gives plants more of the RIGHT color light while removing waves that inhibit growth. The result is healthier plants that grow faster and produce more in less space.


Optimize Your
with Science

Scientists have studied the spectral composition of light in which plants thrive. The results are clear: redder is better. Because plants use red-enriched light to carry out photosynthesis, more red-enriched light means more fuel. With more fuel, plants naturally prosper, reaching peak levels of growth and yield.

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ChromaGro Does it All

ChromaGro’s unique shape collects sunlight and directs it exactly where it’s needed while creating a humid microclimate, protecting from pests and providing a trellis support structure. All of this without any additional hard work, harsh chemicals or fertilizers.


Experiment in Your Backyard

By growing different plants and in different conditions, you’re helping to move the science of home agriculture forward. From professional biologists to first time gardeners, join the ChormaGro community–
a group of gardeners growing smarter, faster, bigger and better.


Real Customer Reviews

We had excellent results with ChromaGro. The plants grew at a phenomenal rate and had plenty of tomatoes!

-Johan S

I was never able to grow such beautiful looking tomatoes before.

-David V

My tomatoes are still growing strong- I tell all my neighbors when they ask me.

-Joni A

ChromaGro outperformed every method I tried this year in our garden in every aspect, including pests, maintenance and most importantly production.

-Erik H

I was impressed with how much it produced and how tall the plants grew.

-Ray S


Light Filtration

ChromaGro’s red growth chamber filters
sunlight to give plants more of the most productive
part of the solar spectrum and less of
the inhibiting spectrum.

Light Diffusion

ChromaGro’s shape and texture
is designed specifically to collect, refract
and scatter light, engaging the whole
plant in enhanced photosynthesis.

Mini Greenhouse

ChromaGro protects from wind and cold
while retaining humidity inside the growth
chamber for longer daily and seasonal
growing periods.


ChromaGro is an effective
barrier against animals, pests and weather.

Trellis Support System

ChromaGro trains plants for maximum
height to save garden space, providing a
trellising structure for climbers.

Disease Resistance

ChromaGro enhances overall plant health
for a garden that thrives AND
lives longer.